Abernethy Butter produces the best butter I’ve ever tasted. It’s all hand churned and absolutely delicious. I have been using it in my restaurants for 4 years and I am very proud to use this amazing product.

Andy McFadden , Head Chef Glovers Restaurant, Dublin

Alison and Will Abernethy live, work and breathe the original meaning of artisan food producer creating a product which speaks volumes for their passion for hand churned butter.

Niall McKenna , Head Chef & Owner James Street South

Abernethy Butter’s Black Garlic Butter may be the best thing I have ever eaten or will ever eat.

Nigella Lawson

The butter round here ought to be at the heart of its own religion, and is now at the heart of mine.

Jay Rayner

Eating Abernethy Butter is like driving a £200,000 racing car.

Charles Campion